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The Yearly Epidemic – Senioritis

Yadira Tobias & Fabiola Gonzalez, News Writer's

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Attention all high school seniors! In just a few weeks, graduation day will be here. The road to graduation has been long and bumpy. It’s about to get even bumpier with the dreaded mindset all seniors are bound to soon have. This mindset is commonly referred to as Senioritis.

For those who are not familiar with this concept, senioritis is an affliction of students in their final year of school, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance in school itself, and has been at it’s worst since school has started. Senior Etasha Vallien answered some questions about her own experience with the terrible disease.

Q: When did you first get Senioritis?

A: I started getting Senioritis once we came back from Christmas break. I didn’t think I would get it, but here I am, end of senior year, doing nothing productive.


Q:Did you think that Senioritis would ever get to you?

A: Yes, because the thought of graduation could not come any faster.


Q: What is motivating you to beat Senioritis?

A: I just want to be finished so I can tell my family I did it. After graduation, I plan on attending the University of Fort Smith to pursue a career as a kindergarten teacher.


Q: What thoughts run through your mind as you tackle Senioritis head on?

A: The very thought of making my parents, friends, and family in Mexico proud.


Q: What tips would you give upcoming seniors to avoid senioritis?

A: Don’t give up. Like Dory once said, ‘just keep swimming.’
    With only a short amount of time left in the school year, the best advice our teachers and administration can give to us is to stay focus on the goal. It will be worth it in the end.

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The Yearly Epidemic – Senioritis